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International Journal of Young Leadership

Editorial Issue 4

Four years ago, during an international gathering on a small Mediterranean island, the International Journal of Young Leadership was born amongst a group of young and aspiring students who hoped to continue an international dialogue without a regard for borders. Today, a global team produces the Journal with contributions from around the world to present an international perspective on new, creative ideas and analyses.

Our fourth annual issue Entrepreneurial Strategy: Leadership in the face of obstacles includes articles that are research based and analytical, or interviews of entrepreneurs, accounts of failure and success, and important lessons learned during their endeavor. In the current economic climate, we felt it integral to learn from each other’s mistakes and share stories of success in the entrepreneurial process. Peter Drucker once wrote “the best way to predict the future is to create it”, we hope that our issue will inspire and motivate our readers to create their own stories of success.

To conclude our fourth editorial, we would like to begin by thanking our Editors-in-Chief and Founders, Babis Makrynikolas and Armando Martins, for believing in us and allowing us the opportunity to lead this issue to publication. Furthermore, we would like to thank our world-wide supporters who read the journal year after year, and also our global team of editors, collaborators, website consultants and editing advisors for their great commitment and hard work.

We hope that you will enjoy the fourth issue as much as we enjoyed creating it and become a member of our growing community by reading, expanding our network, writing, or joining our team.

We wish you a great experience,

Katerina Dimitratos and Magdalena Noga

Guest Editors-in-Chief
Associate Editors, USA





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The international journal of young leadership is created and run by young people all over the world. An idea born during the summer of 2008, became reality one and a half year after when we published our first issue.

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